Thursday, 2 January 2014

40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
Moscow, Russia, 2 - 10 August 2014

Dear Colleague,

The purpose of this letter is to encourage you to submit for the 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly a contributed paper to be included in event

G0.3. Influence of Free Space Environment on the Behaviour of Materials:

The free space environment is destructive for all materials used in space constructions: satellites, spacecraft, space stations and future space bases. The destructive factors of the space environment such as high vacuum, sharp temperature variations and temperature gradients, different kinds of high-energy cosmic irradiations and atomic oxygen flux in low Earth orbit are significantly different from experiences on the Earth. Spaceflight missions for investigation of materials exposed in the space environment are proceeding, as well as ground-base laboratory simulations. The understanding of physical-chemical processes occurring in materials in the space environment is key for our success in space exploitation in the future.
The program of this symposium will include presentations on the influence of the entire complex of physical factors associated with interactions of the space environment on spacecraft and space base materials, including detailed analysis of the physical and chemical processes occurring in materials outside the spaceship board. Both spaceflight and ground-based studies will be covered.
A complete description of the event and abstract submission instructions are available on the Assembly web page or in the Call for Papers which was distributed issue of Space Research Today, COSPAR’s information bulletin. The Assembly web page address is:
Selected refereed papers from the event will be published in Advances in Space Research, Elsevier, and authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts after the Assembly for consideration.

It should be understood that this letter is not a commitment on the part of the organizers to provide financial support or complimentary registration.  Should financial support be needed, follow the instructions posted on the Assembly web page or see the Call for Papers.