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Publications about polymerisation in space environment

The idea of the direct curing in space environment came to me about 18 years ago. At that time, I was not sure, if it was done or it is impossible. All these years have been spent to get clear answer: yes, it is possible, but no, it is not done.

I met these two comments as reaction on my presentations and publications. People, who are far from space business, say, “it is done, and even ISS is done by this way!” People, who work in space industry, say, “this is impossible, but I do not know why?” All of these comments are not true.

During these years, I was carrying out a number of investigations, including experiments and theoretical calculations. Part of the results have been published and presented on conferences in different auditoriums and countries.

First time, a general way of direct curing was discussed in Russian journal “Plastic mass” (1997, No.8) and republished in English in “International Polymer Science and Technology”: Kondyurin A.V., Building the shells of large space stations by the polymerisation of epoxy composites in open space, Int. Polymer Sci. and Technol., v.25, N4, 1998, p. 78-80.

After that the further results have been published in a number of journals:

Kondyurin A., G.Mesyats, Yu.Klyachkin, Creation of High-Size Space Station by Polymerisation of Composite Materials in Free Space, J. of the Japan Soc. of Microgravity Appl., v.15, Suppl.II, 1998, p.61-65.
Kondyurin A., Kostarev K., Bagara M.V., Polymerization processes of epoxy plastic in free space conditions, Paper IAF-99-I.5.04, 50th International Astronautical Congress 4-8- Oct., 1999, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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Kondyurin A., High-size space laboratory for biological orbit experiments, Advanced space research, v.28, N4, 2001, pp.665-671
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A. Kondyurin, L.A. Komar, A.L. Svistkov, Combinatory model of curing process in epoxy composite, Composites, part B, 43, 616–620, 2012.

In my two books:

A. Kondyurin, Curing of composite materials for an inflatable construction on the Moon, chapter in “Moon. Prospective Energy and Material Resources”, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2012, p. 503-518.

In Cornell University site:

A. Kondyurin, I. Kondyurina, M. Bilek, Radiation damage of polyethylene exposed in the stratosphere at an altitude of 40 km,

The recent experiment has been done on the curing in stratosphere. First time, it was shown, that cosmic rays play role of additional hardener for the polymer. Space makes polymer harder. This real flight experiment supported previous laboratory investigations and made me sure, that it will work in real space flight.

If you are interested in and do not have subscription for these journals, please, ask me, I will send you a copy. 

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