Wednesday, 27 February 2019

AVALON Airshow 2019. Geelong. My Pod 15 is about Large Space Constructions. Welcome. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

A price of large space construction is lower than the existing technology of small space constructions. A composite material is cheap. No multiple launches. No risky docking in orbit.

Our scientific orbital station could costs B$1-3
For comparison, the International Space Station costs B$150+ 

Our Moon base could costs   B$3-5

Our Mars base could costs   B$5-10

Example of renting: 
Our commercial space station or space factory of 7000 mfor 20 years of life-time costs $1BThe station volume costs M$0.007/m3
A rent (M$1.36/m3) gives M$9,520 annually or M$190,400 for 20 years. Returns is 900% for 1 year or 190,000% for 20 years.

Our plans:

Our space hotel of 7000 m3 volume for 100 tourists. 
Our permanent large telescope with crew. Serviceable. Upgradeable. 
Our large permanent communication station with crew and large antenna (1 km diameter) could replace undersea cables due to high sensitivity of space receivers and low power of ground transmitters. No space waste, no failed satellites. 

The pressurised volume of large space station delivered to orbit with one space carrier is bigger than the International Space Station which was built during 10 years with multiple launches.

With SpaceX heavy carrier the space city can be built in Earth orbit after one launch:

The wall of the space construction can be thin if the strength of cured composite material is sufficient.

Our investigations showed, the strong composite can be cured directly in space environment, for example, in Earth orbit.

A new way to build a space construction

A short description of the project.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Our article on selection of the orbit motion for complete curing process in Low Earth Orbit: "Curing of large prepreg shell in solar synchronous Low Earth Orbit: Precession flight regimes" in Acta Astronautica, 151, 2018, 342–347.